Sunday, February 1, 2015

Real Men Do Not Hit Women

The song I used in the last segment of this video is by Mary J. Bliege entitled No More Drama. This video is a 2015 update on my progress and exposes the truth behind my decision to leave Mark Angelo Cummings. Around 3:45 it shows him breaking down and vaguely and briefly describing the truth. I help him along with that description. Domestic Violence and Abuse is all too common against woman and it needs to stop. Women need to break free of these arrogant narcissistic jerks and out them for the monsters they are just as I do in this video. Anyone that supports an individual that can beat a woman and put her through abuse is a piece of trash and no better than the abuser. The video is also to show my progress on HRT as well as the fact that there is life after Domestic Violence and that no woman needs to be stuck in that situation. I am now happy and have made many new friends and I love my life so should you.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hear Me Loud And Clear

I will not be intimidated by any of you with this notion that you control all of us in the community. I will not be bullied into submission because I don't see things your way. It is clear that those of you who are constantly engaging in war with the world and even with those of us in the LGBT community, who don't see things your way, have deep rooted issues and are showing the lack of security and happiness you have within. You have this you are with us or against us attitude, and this doesn't fly with me.

I will interview on my show whom I please, you do not pay me to do the shows, nor have any of you in these diluted groups ever donated, or even as much as given us a thank you for the years we have worked to create great shows and interviews. You are acting like a bunch of spoiled hormonal adolescences.

To the low life who can't even create a real Facebook account who has been threatening my sponsors, (Jan Noonya) I suggest you worry about your life, your transition and stop worrying about what others do, think or say, you are looking for legal actions against you. It is apparent that those of you who are on this mission to attack others as well as forcing your views on them, are miserable and in need of psychological intervention. You have nothing else better to do than to sit in front of a computer and try to reek havoc, you are nothing more than your typical Keyboard Extremist Warriors.  

Realize that he world owes you nothing, and I believe you are going about this the wrong way. You are threatening people and trying to intimidate us to see things your way. Everyone is entitled to their views and you can't force us to change them. Understand that you will get more out of people and life by being kind, less intrusive and less threatening.  You can't expect the privileges you once had or the way you were socialized, to cross over to your new life, and I believe this is where the problem lies. You want to be respected and be seen as women, then start acting like one. As of now all you are doing is showing the world the lack of social skills you have, how dysfunctional your truly are and that in most of your cases, you are in need of major therapy. This goes beyond Gender Dysphoria.

So for now I say, you want war? You want to continue this path you are on? I suggest you pick your battles and who you choose to battle with. I am not the person you wish to mess with.

I have been in the trenches for way too long, to have a bunch of idiots tell me how I should do my shows, or what I should or should not say.

I am Mark Angelo Cummings, Trans Man On A Mission and you don't want me as your enemy, trust me on that.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Complaining And Demanding The New Trans Way

Why is it the latest craze in our community is to bitch and complain about everything? Everywhere you turn, you hear the group of angry mob bitching about not getting this or getting that? I remember at one point we were just happy to be accepted, understood or even tolerated. Now most in the community are getting cocky and demanding.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Facebook Social Media Or Facist Institution?

Many of us have grown to love the social media giant, for it has allowed us to connect with people all around the world. It has helped those who are lonely feel they are not so alone and creates a stage for voicing your opinion. But as of late, Facebook has become a source of scorn, banning people for voicing their opinion and in turn sometimes statuses turn into heated debates, of which if you have enemies, the report abuse button gets used. I find however that face book is not taking the time to fully investigate these reports and seem to be taking sides. Now I ask you are there members of the Fascist/Faux advocates infiltrating the institution? There seems to be a disturbing move on the horizon, one that is dividing a community that already had issues to begin with.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We Stand Divided

So by now we know that there are two camps in our community regarding the RuPaul saga, the ones that feel offended by RuPauls use of the word Tranny, and his sense of entitlement to use the word, and the ones that support him. Now lets break this down in a way we can all understand and come to some sort of conclusion. RuPaul, has been a drag queen for many years,with a very popular series, which he promotes and help many in the community reach heights that most could not have done without him. His show is entertaining and meant as entertainment. In this quest, things are said that are suppose to be funny and entertaining. How some in the community (guided by a puppet, Carmen Carerra, who is not speaking of her own accord,  and I feel this move was guided by GLAAD, or some other political talking head that felt stirring this issue up would create major drama, and boy did it) can fall for this dog and pony show is beyond me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Battles Within Leads To Battles Outside Of You

It appears that this new wave of Trans Soldiers are creating turmoil everywhere they go. Could it be that the anger and battles they are fighting within is clearly showing in their actions? I believe that the new version of trans aficionado have poor coping skills due to the lack of struggles they had to go through in their transition. They are forgetting that many of us who came before them had to pave the road to make their life and transition easier, some have even had the support of their family and have had the opportunity to transition way earlier in life than those of us who did in later years.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Let's Get Real

We as humans have battled many demons throughout history. We have had to face our own mortality and the lack of information provided in our existence. Yes there are many theories and beliefs, none of which have really been proven, but nonetheless there are many explanations and ideas as to where we come from and who we are. There is however no solid evidence of anything, we have a law book we call the bible, based on history and hearsay from the past. We have science that attempts to prove many of the things around us, religion which tries to push their agendas upon us and many opinions to fill our brains with information.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trans 100 Who and What Is It Really?

I believe the community should be recognize for it's plight, for all that we have had to endure for being who we are. But who gets to choose who should be part of this good ole boys and girls club? What kind of selective process is behind this so called Club?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Divided We Stand

It appears that there are two camps being created in our community, well maybe a bit more than two but for this article let us say there is a side that has no issues with labels and the other who base their happiness and well being on words.  It seems that the biggest beef with the censor trans police is with the entertainment industry. The screaming about who should play a role of a Trans Woman or which portrayal should be put in the spot light is one of the issues with this camp. They tore down an actor for doing his job, and expected to be the center of attention during his award ceremony. They criticized the character, even though there is truth to this reality. Do they not realize that there are trans woman who are prostitutes and have aids?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hypocracy From Fierce Diva Advocates

My head spins and my heart pounds every time I hear another controversial circus created by the "Trans Community". You know I am beginning to question the role of gender specialists in our community. How well are these therapist screening these individuals before they are given a letter to take hormones, cut or add body parts? I believe many transgender individuals have narcissistic disorder, suffer from heavy depression and not just due to Gender Dysphoria either, so of coarse every time they get a chance to pull out the knives and scream bloody murder, they are the first in line. How can you justify administrating hormones on those that are an accident waiting to happen? Carmen Carrera after competing on RuPaul's Drag Race and gaining her fame, now decides she wants to bite the hand that fed her. She laughed during the show's She Mail segment and claimed to be okay with her "boy" body, but all of a sudden she is now offended and trying to create further attention by rounding up the angry mob and screaming bloody murder over a word. A word that has been around before most of them were even born.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Who Are We Truly?

The world we live in is filled with Confucius information, from religion, politics and theories that range from conspiracies to scientific assumptions.   There are many followers and few leaders in society, no one seems to question the status qou, mindlessly following those that have created the laws and set the stage for what seems "normal" is the the norm these days.  Ancient history has lots to offer, and no I am not speaking of the history they teach us in school, after all, that is the water down version that the powers to be want you to learn. The system is set up t o benefit those on top of the pyramid, it has been this way for a long time now.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Who Made You The Expert?

I sit around and think a lot regarding many different topics that affects my world and those around me. I sometimes wonder who gives authority to people and the organizations that control our world? Why should we have to follow other peoples rules and guidelines? We are being told how to live our lives, what course of action we should take regarding our bodies and minds, all based on someone's profit or ideals.  Religion, Politics and the financial institutions dictate our world, and we follow along like good little sheeple.

Friday, March 28, 2014

You Tuber Is Insane and Spreading Hate

There is this black woman who goes by the name of mrslegit816 on you tube.  She is hateful and bigoted, spreading hateful comments and warning towards the LGBT community.  It is hard to believe that someone who has had to deal with prejudice all her life can spread so much hatred towards others.  She is also making hateful comments towards transgender individuals.  I think this person needs to be stopped, it is this kind of behavior that leads to hate crimes and suicide. Take a look at her video and you tube channel and let her know this is not acceptable. You are entitled to your views but when you views spreads hate, then it needs to be silenced.

 No wonder there is so much hate crimes towards Trans women of color, it is due to your own kinds hatred towards the LGBT community. Shame on you for creating more division in our world. Pay this poor excuse for a human being a visit and let her know it is not okay to spread hate.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Envy Creates Haters

The main points of this article will be to show why there are so many haters within our own community, now notice I use the word as a form of communication, although I feel there is no unity in our group. In my opinion those that which to transition but can't for whatever reason will dog those that have, and those that fully have surgery wish to be seen as superior from those that don't. Now can you imagine the power we would have if we all united and really created a sense of community?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Community can Shame others, dare anyone Shame them.

The community will go out of it's way to point out injustices that have been done upon them, argue with anyone who doesn't  agree with their point of view and create a new language that explains the action. But when a blog is created to shine the light upon them revealing the true nature of many, then oh my Lord we are vilified. Well guess what folks it is time you received your own medicine.  The truth can be hurtful and many will not accept it, they will turn around and create all sorts of justification, and make the truth barer a monster. Well guess what, pier pressure has never worked with me. I beat my own drum and couldn't careless if the message is not popular or rings right with many.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Obssessed and Crazed Just Howard and the Voices in it's Head

 Okay, a troll is one thing but being totally obsessed with our blog and life is just way too much. Just Jennifer and her mediocre blog for the past 3 weeks has written nothing else but stuff about our blog and our writers. Now, I understand that she is mentally handicapped and suffers from all sorts of issues, but really, this one is like a broken record that just won't stop playing. Now she considers herself a "real woman" and insist on calling our writers male. You would expect this kind of behavior from a red neck, religious freak or some dumb ass who knew no better. Oh wait, Howard fits all three of these description, so maybe this is why we are seeing this kind of rhetoric . This past Thursday on our TV show we showcased Howard on our Shame on you section, and as soon as the show is on demand which should be by tomorrow, we will post it so everyone can have a good laugh. In the meantime hear are some pics sent to me of this monster and please try not to piss your pants laughing, she is a rare one, but this is what we deal with these Elites and psycho paths who hormones have actually damaged their brains.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Battle within

Until we let go and free ourselves from the predisposed image of what we think we are, what we expect the world to see, we will continue to battle our inner self. This battle will show in every move we make with others and within ourselves.

Society will not see you as you want to be seen, they will play your game, but behind your backs they will see you as an unstable individual. Until we make peace with ourselves and stop fighting wars with everyone, including ourselves, you will live a life of anger and hurt.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Will The Real Howard Thomas please step Forward

Since this amazing invention called the internet, people can claim to be whomever they want to be. They hide behind their keyboards trolling away while they lie about who they are and make fun of others to make themselves feel better.  There seems to be an individual who goes by the name of Just Jennifer with a Simpsonized Cartoon Character that she proudly places on her mediocre blog. She claims to have created this Avatar and has threatened many with copyright infringement when they try to expose her by using this poor excuse of an icon on their blog. She has obviously pissed off  many people and has a trail a mile long on Google, reassembling a rap sheet of criminal intent the likes of Americas most wanted.

The Verdict is In: Bring in the white Jackets

Being in media and having interviewed people from all over the world gives us a perspective of how people view the transgender community. Well I have to say that people are feeling intimidated by the constant policing and judgement placed upon them by our very own community. It is really amazing that a group who seeks acceptance and understanding from the outside world is so quick to judge and to get angered by the Cis Community who to tell you the truth are trying to understand us but seem to become discouraged after being attacked time and time again.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Chromosome Conundrum

It appears that society is bent on the notion that if you are born with a chromosome make up of XY it is said that your are a boy and if you have XX chromosomes the consensus is that you are a girl. But do we understand that there are various mutations and combinations that will lead to not such a black or white outcome?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Science: Get with the Program Please

One would think that with the rise in transgender individuals there would be a lot more research to find out what in the world is going on? We are seeing children as young as 3 years old insisting that they are the opposite gender from the gender they were born as and demanding to be allowed to express themselves as they feel inside. So what is it going to take to create more studies, find out more information as to why the rise in transgender individuals and get to the bottom of this?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Narcissistic beyond Measure The Transsexual Delusion

I transitioned almost 12 years ago, after learning what I believed was a conditioned called Gender Dysphoria. It sounded legit, it appeared to explain what I felt to a certain extent and some how the power of suggestion created the roller coaster ride that led to the events that followed.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Every time I turn around there is a new word that is being considered inappropriate by the Trans Community. I wonder who sits around and decides what word can and cannot be used? The irony of all of this is the whole Transgender movement is but a decade old, and the amount of politically corrects words created appears in need of a new dictionary or a new language of it's own.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Exodus of Transitioning

I wonder what people did prior to this influx of transitioning MTF’s and FTM’s. We all lead our lives oblivious of this so called new infliction we call Gender Dysphoria. If we were born female bodied most lived as Lesbian, some more masculine than others or you were a masculine identified female but your sexual preference was being straight.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Go Fund Me Craze

Just Be

I have always been a believer that if you can't afford something then you should not get it. Credit Cards are maxed, people get in enormous debt, buying things they cannot afford, in the end they ruin their credit and live their life running away from bill collectors. We live in a world of instant gratification, we want everything now, no matter the cost.

A Premanision that sparked Anger in the TWOC Community


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